The Angola virus, a lethal pathogen born not in the squalor of an African prison but secretly manufactured by a ruthless cabal of global elites determined to seize ultimate power...

★★★★★ ‘More thrilling than Tom Clancy.’


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Invasion series: Book 1
Invasion: Downfall

A truck bomb destroys Downing Street. Airliners are blasted out of the skies. A wave of terror attacks kills thousands. The invasion has begun. Prime Minister Harry Beecham is trapped beneath Whitehall, the city in chaos, his family, friends and colleagues missing or dead. His only option is to escape London and head west to a secret government complex, but Harry soon discovers that the situation is far worse than he can possibly imagine…

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Invasion Series: Book 2
Invasion: uprising

The explosive sequel to the Amazon Best-Seller.

Three years long years of tyranny and bloodshed have passed since the invasion of Europe. Now a new dawn rises… A nuclear attack shatters the fragile peace between Beijing and Baghdad. In Europe, caliphate forces are driven back across a war-torn Ireland and into the sea. As the tide turns and hope rises, hard decisions are about to be made...

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Invasion Series: Book 3
Invasion: Frontline

The battle for Britain rages…

As the fighting sweeps across northern England, Eddie Novak and his friends break all the rules and infiltrate enemy lines to help a desperate comrade reach home and reunite with his young family. But the once peaceful village has been plagued by criminals and collaborators, men of violence who maim and kill and take whatever they want. Including children.


Invasion Series: Book 4
Invasion: Deliverance

Landing in Autumn 2021.
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Invasion series: Bonus content
Invasion: The Lost Chapters

A vengeful migrant finally receives the call he’s been waiting for. His mission is a simple one – kill as many as you can. A desperate police officer finds himself cut off and alone as deadly terror attacks ripple across the capital, killing thousands. Trapped inside his London embassy, the US Ambassador is forced to make the toughest decision of his life as Jihadis storm the building in an orgy of death and violence…

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“This is weapons-grade war fiction!”

Chronicles takes the reader on an adrenaline-fuelled, action-packed journey across a world on the edge of global conflict. From the war-torn streets of London to the ice-capped mountains of the Himalayas, from the corridors of power in Washington DC to the marble palaces of a transformed Baghdad, the battle for political, military and ideological supremacy will rage across the globe.


Rogue State series: Book 1
The Angola Deception

They’re about to pull the trigger on the human race – and the only man who can stop them is already dead. They call it the Angola virus, a lethal pathogen born not in the squalor of an African prison but secretly manufactured by a ruthless cabal of global elites determined to seize ultimate power… Unless former US Navy SEAL Frank Marshall can stop them.

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Rogue State series: Book 2

Delta Force operator Vann Jackson is carrying something far more lethal than guns and ammunition back to the US embassy in Baghdad. Infected with a gruesome virus, Jackson launches a savage attack in the embassy chow hall. It doesn’t take long before things start going to hell. As the death toll climbs faster than a Baghdad thermometer, terrified diplomats demand immediate help, but Secretary of State Amy Coffman has another, deadlier plan for the embassy…

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Rogue State series: Book 3
End Zone

The world faces a terrifying choice – abandon all fossil fuels or be decimated by an unstoppable bio-weapon. In the wake of the Baghdad crisis, President Coffman is battling to get her administration on track when eco-terrorists threaten to send the world back to the Middle Ages. As the US military-industrial complex mobilises to neutralise the threat, Coffman and her allies discover a new and unexpected opportunity – one that will deliver ultimate global power.

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The Rogue State Trilogy

The Angola virus, a lethal pathogen born not in the squalor of an African prison but secretly manufactured by a ruthless cabal of global elites determined to seize ultimate power... And so The Rogue State Trilogy begins, taking the reader on an epic, adrenaline-fuelled journey across an unsuspecting world on the brink of disaster.


A British Political Thriller
The Horse at the Gates

The conspiracy has begun, the target Britain herself. British Prime Minister Gabriel Bryce lies injured in hospital, a lucky survivor of the assassination attempt that has killed most of his Cabinet and thrown the country into social and political chaos. On the outskirts of London, a truck bomb destroys Britain’s biggest mosque, killing hundreds. Framed for the atrocity, ex-soldier Danny Whelan is forced to go on the run as he becomes Europe’s most wanted man.

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A Sci-Fi Mystery Thriller
UFO Down

In the skies over Nazi Germany, Harry Wakefield faces a terrible choice... jump from his crippled RAF bomber without a parachute or die a terrible death. Harry jumps – and survives with barely a scratch. Twenty years later a powerful earthquake wakes Harry from his sleep. Convinced that a planehas crashed on a nearby peak, Harry soon discovers that the wreckage is not an aircraft. It’s something else entirely. And there’s a living, breathing survivor.

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DC Alden: Filmmaker

As well as writing Amazon Best-Sellers, DC is a huge movie fan. His passion for writing has drawn him inevitably into the world of filmmaking, and he has written, produced and directed several commercial marketing trailers and award-winning dramatic short films. Head on over to Vimeo and check them out. And if you’re an industry professional and would like to talk to DC about his upcoming projects, please get in touch via the email link below.

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DC Alden is a thriller-writer and filmmaker based in London, UK. He loves to write fast-paced thrillers about global conflict, political conspiracies, terrorism, black-ops, shadow governments, the military-industrial complex, UFOs, and much more. He’s also an award-winning screenwriter and filmmaker. Sign up for book news and updates. Thanks for visiting!

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